ThermoTun-Online is a railway tunnel ventilation and aerodynamics software application. It predicts air pressures and velocities caused by trains passing through tunnels using the industry leading ThermoTun software.

ThermoTun-Online is accessed over the internet enabling you to quickly perform calculations for the following tunnel configurations:

  • Case 1: Single train in a tunnel
  • Case 2: Crossing trains in a tunnel
  • Case 3: Tunnel with an airshaft
  • Case 4: Emergency ventilation
  • Case 5: Flared entrance to reduce pressure gradients
  • Case 6: Micro pressure waves

A tunnel with an airshaft

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Recent Updates

16th April 2019:
Payment processor updated
ThermoTun-Online now uses the SagePay payment processor. Professional runs can now be completed immediately after the payment is made. Invoices will be emailed automatically and will also be accessible from the 'Run ThermoTun' page.

You: Enter parameters
ThermoTun-Online: Returns results in graphical and tabular format.
Input screen
Output graph Output text

ThermoTun-Online allows you to choose from six common train:tunnel configurations.

Train and tunnel parameters are entered in an easy-to-use form, and pressure and velocity results are returned in graphical form and text files which can be imported into spreadsheets.

Demo versions of each case are available after registration, and extensive help pages offer guidance on the choice of values for input parameters.

ThermoTun-Online is a trading name of VORD Consulting Ltd.