Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions, together with our refund, privacy and other policies, outline ThermoTun-Online's relationship with users of this website.

In summary we shall always do our best, but we cannot offer any guarantees. If you would like some assistance in tunnel design while still enjoying the benefits of ThermoTun, you may prefer to employ the services of one of the consultancies who hold a licence for the full version of ThermoTun.

Reporting use of the software to third parties

If simulations obtained using this website are declared in any report or publication, you must use the full name 'ThermoTun-Online'. This is an absolute requirement that applies even to Vord Consulting Ltd itself. The use of the name 'ThermoTun' alone is reserved exclusively for the full version of software, which is supplied together with a professional support service including technical and professional advice.

Refund Policy

Before you can carry out 'Professional' runs in ThermoTun-Online you must have credit in your ThermoTun-Online account. This credit must be purchased in advance.

We accept there might be circumstances where you might not use all of your credit. Sometimes a tunnel design is finalised sooner than expected or a project is cancelled. We will be happy to refund the value of remaining credit less a £20 administration fee and the cost of any bank or payment processing charges. Our bank charges for an international bank transfer will be about £20, and charges for a partial refund for a credit card payment will be about 6% of the refund value.

We will not offer refunds for runs that have already been completed. It is your responsibility to ensure your use of ThermoTun-Online is suitable for your requirements before starting a professional run (see the Terms and Conditions above).

Any refunds will be made to the card or account from which the payment was originally made. We shall aim to send the refund within 30 days from receiving a request for refund.

Refunds will not exceed the value of the most recent payment.

Refunds for payments made by credit card can only be made within 30 days of payment. This is because of a condition made by our credit card processing provider that payments made by credit card can only be valid for 30 days after initial payment. After the 30 days you will still be able to use any credit in your ThermoTun account for further professional runs, but the monetary value of that credit will be nil.

To request a refund contact from the email address in your account.

Privacy Policy

We will not normally share any of your information with third parties except when this is necessary to enable you to make payments. However we reserve the right to use the information to check for fraudulent transactions, and may supply your information to third parties when we are required to do so by law (for example if your details are required to support a law case).

The information we collect
We store most of the information you submit to this website. This includes information you submit when registering and details of any runs that you complete. In addition, we store some information that your browser submits to our server. This can include, for example, your IP address, and your browser and operating system types.

Cookies are used by this website for user authentication. They are small text files that your browser stores on your computer and are returned automatically when this website asks for confirmation that you are allowed to use certain parts of ThermoTun. It is possible to disable cookies in your browser, and this website should still operate without them, but without cookies the website might ask you to log in more often than if you accept cookies.

Javascript is used on this website to help make the user interface more informative and usable. If you disable Javascript the website should still be usable, but you might not have access to every feature.

Credit Card and Bank Information
No credit card or bank information is held on this website. Our payment processor (SagePay) stores credit card information and we will keep an off-line record of bank details to enable refunds if required.

Use of Email addresses
Your email address will be treated as confidential information in the same way as other information. If requested during the registration process, we may send newsletters about developments in ThermoTun-Online. We will aim to limit these emails to no more than 4 per year, and each email will offer an opt-out option. It will also be possible to opt out by editing your contact details after you have logged in to ThermoTun-Online.

We will use your email address to contact you to about details specific to your ThermoTun account.


All of the information and images contained on this website are copyrighted by ThermoTun-Online. No part of this web site may be reproduced by any means without the prior permission of ThermoTun-Online. To seek permission, please contact support@thermotun-online.com

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to make alterations to the Terms and Conditions, the Refund Policy, and the Privacy Policy at any time and without notice. It is your obligation to review these policies for any such revisions.

Clarification of Terms

Any use of the words "we" or "us" on this website above refers to ThermoTun-Online (a trading name of VORD Consulting Ltd). The use of the word "you" refers to any user of this website.

Company Information

ThermoTun-Online is a trading name of VORD Consulting Ltd
20 High Street, Blunham, MK44 3NL, UK
Contact support@thermotun-online.com