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Using Thermotun-Online

About ThermoTun-Online

How to use ThermoTun-Online

Understanding Parameters in ThermoTun-Online

There are 5 different cases in ThermoTun-Online, and each has a detailed help page detailing input parameters and output. Select the help file for the relevant case below.

Case 1. Single train in a tunnel
A single train passes through a simple tunnel

Case 1: Single Train in a Tunnel
Case 1 Help

Case 2. Crossing trains in a tunnel
Two trains cross within a simple tunnel

Case 2: Crossing Trains in a Tunnel
Case 2 Help

Case 3. Tunnel with an airshaft
A single train passes through a tunnel with an airshaft

Case 3: Tunnel with an Airshaft
Case 3 Help

Case 4. Emergency ventilation
A train comes to a rest within the tunnel. Then a fan is switched on.

Case 4: Emergency Ventilation
Case 4 Help

Case 5. Flared entrance to reduce pressure gradients
A train passes through a tunnel with a flared entrance region.

Case 5: Flared Entrance to Reduce Pressure Gradients
Case 5 Help

6. Micro Pressure Waves
A pressure wave reflecting at the portal results in a disturbance outside the tunnel.

Case 6: Micro Pressure Waves
Case 6 Help