Using ThermoTun-Online

The program can be accessed by selecting Run ThermoTun. The link is available in the navigation bar at the top of every page. (Free) registration is required before using the program. In future visits you will be prompted for your username and password before you can view the program.

A Program Tour illustrates how the program works. After registering or logging in you can familiarise yourself with the program operation by running it in demo mode. The demo mode differs from the professional mode by limiting the choice of input parameters. See run modes below for more detail.

Input parameters and output locations vary for each case. Detailed information about each case is linked from the help page. Throughout the program "..more" links will direct you to specific help information.

Run modes

ThermoTun-Online can be run in two modes, demo and professional.


The demo mode is free to use and allows you to choose from a small number of pre-determined options. These options can be selected using drop-down boxes on the input pages.

Example of demo input:


The professional mode allows most values of input parameters that are realistic in real train:tunnel systems, but some restrictions are necessary to avoid violating one-dimensional assumptions* - see the help pages for each case. Inputs are entered into free fields.

Example of professional input:

The professional mode requires payment before use, and multiple runs can be purchased in advance. Pricing information can be found on the payments page.

*Note that the full version of ThermoTun imposes fewer restrictions, but most of its users have special expertise in tunnel design. See the about page for details of ThermoTun versions available outside ThermoTun-Online.